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Seller of Diamonds may get here virtual store for his/her online worldwide trading, fill it by stones and sale them direct to customers: 24-7.
We suggest tools for these sales and help to establish contact with buyers.

Customer can select here brilliants from many jewellers in one order.
No comission for buyer and no need registartion.

If you need more deatails about Parameters of ordering Brilliants, see short info in the table and click links below:
Brilliant Weight:
0.1 - 100 carat
Brilliant Price:
Wide Range
Diamond Sizes:
Wide Range
49% ...89%
0.75 ... 2.75%
45% ... 86%
Brilliant Shapes Gem Grading Labs
Diamond Colors Gem Clarity
Cut Grading Diamond Polish
Brilliant Symmetry Diamond Fluorescence
Brilliant Culet Diamond Girdle
All these and other Parameters
you can select with professional
Diamond Filter

Use also simple Diamond Selector to review and select brilliants, include not-supported parameters in Data Base.

Convenience is important,
but a peace of mind is vital...

From now on, you can get both!

Diamond Trading Tools..

DiamStock is an online Diamond inventory providing diamond dealers with the ultimate setting for successful direct diamond transactions.

Why Join DiamStock?

If you are here, you exist... becoming a DiamStock member makes you part of a leading worldwide diamond community.

Brilliants from known Diamond Houses in:
Belgium, India, Israel, South Africa, USA.
Diamonds origin from:
Botswana, Russia, Angola, Canada, Congo, South Africa, Namibia etc.
Internal Diamond Search Engine and Selector
You may use this simple gem tools to find rarely shape or other specific info in seller notes in their Data Bases of Brilliants.

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    DiamStock is a online diamond inventory providing diamond dealers with the ultimate setting for successful diamond transactions.
    DiamStock provides diamond dealers with space for an unlimited number of diamonds, of any color, size, weight, shape, clarity, cut grade, price or lab standard.
    The Search for Diamonds is done through relevant filters, after which the buyer's request is sent, along with his/her personal information, to the corresponding Dealer
    If you have questions, see our

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OGI Gem 3D Demo Gem Demo 3D

If you are serious Jeweller and desire to increase your sales, we can suggest you special
Raw and Polished Diamond smart Equipment with software for accuracy measurement,
processing, Inscription (drawing on brilliant) and other possibilities.
See here details about Diamond Equipment
 Scanox Marker HDC
Scanox Marker HDC. Multi-Lens Laser Marking.
OGI Scanox Tender i100
Scanox Tender i100. Portable Rough Planning up to 100 carats.
OGI Gemscribe
GemScribe: Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription & Gemstones.
SawCut Dia
SawCut Dia. Laser Sawing & Shaping for Natural Diamonds.
CFire. Visual Gemstones Light Perfomance: Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.
 OGI Melee Proportion
Melee Proportion. Polished Grading up to 20 Points.
 OGI Melee Sorter
Melee Sorter. Sorting Gemstones by Size.
 OGI Scanox Zoom Marker
Scanox Zoom Marker. Single-Lens Laser Marking System.

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